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Frequently Asked

About Us
After researching and finding that pet nutrition in the U.S. was truly lacking customization, we developed Crafted Kibble—a subscription/delivery service that customizes dog food to each pet’s specific nutritional needs--because every pup is unique!
You complete a pet profile for you dog, in which you are giving us the information we need to accurately customize your pet’s monthly food. Once our proprietary algorithm determines the best meal plan - kibble formula and portion sizing - for your specific dog, we pack this up, already proportioned, and ship straight to your door. We also keep track of when your subsequent shipping needs to go out, so you don’t have to worry about running out of food.
Yes - we just ask you to pay the flat rate shipping of $6.95. Please email us at hello@craftedkibble.com for more information about this.

Our plans start at $6.95 / week. Since our core beliefs revolve around unique needs and customization, we steer away from standardized formulas and portions. Tailoring each box to your pet’s specific needs requires modified blends and portion sizes, so prices will vary depending on your dog’s profile. To find out the individual cost for your dog’s food, simply complete your dog’s profile so we can accurately calculate your cost. However, you can see a rough average on the "How It Works" page.

There will be an option at the completion of your pet profile to add another pet. You can add as many pups as you wish, and each will have their own separate pet profile.

Pet Profile
We know one size does not fit all. The details you provide us about your dog—breed, lifestyle, age, weight, medical needs, etc—are super important in determining what type of food fits their profile best. It also helps us determine how many calories they should ideally be getting per day.
Our algorithm will automatically detect any changes in your pet’s life-stage (transitioning from Puppy to Adult or to Senior). For other changes including weight fluctuations or food sensitivities, please maintain us informed by updating the details on your account.

A tip to weigh your dog is:

  1. Step on a scale, document your weight
  2. Step on a scale carrying your dog, document the weight
  3. Subtract your second weight (carrying your dog) from your first weight (just yourself) and the difference will be your dog’s weight

Through completing your pet profile, you can let us know if your dog is under/overweight. We will make sure to increase or reduce their caloric intake as needed to help them work towards their ideal weight. Once your dog has reached their ideal weight, please make sure to let us know so we can modify their calorie intake to a maintenance level.

Professional dogs require different nutritional needs than non-professional dogs, including higher protein and fat ratios, which is why we ask you to specify if you have a professional dog. Professional dogs include:

  • Highly active service dogs 
  • Professional dogs (police, military, hunting)
  • Dogs trained and used as gun dogs

*We are not referring to breed type, but to the dog's specific daily activity level.

My Account

Yes. There is a “pause account” option under each of your pet profiles. By pausing your account, all food deliveries will be stopped, but your pet’s information will remain in our system for whenever you are ready to resume deliveries. Your order is considered to be already in-process 4 days prior to your next shipment date, so you must pause at anytime before then to avoid being charged for that month (all charges will be made 4 days before your shipment date, at 8 am EST).

For all of you commitment-phobes out there, we are not proposing marriage! You can cancel your account during any month as long as it is before 4 days prior to your next shipment date. Once your order is in process, it will be too late to make changes and your account will be charged for that month (all charges will be made 4 days prior to shipment date at 8 am EST). Please email us if you have any questions on this at hello@craftedkibble.com

Your orders and pricing are based on a 4-week supply of dog food dog. Although some larger dogs will require two shipments per month, all our customers will be charged only once per month, reflecting the total monthly payment due. We will send you an email before each delivery reminding you that your order will soon be prepared and shipped out.You can make changes for your next order as long as they are done at least 4 days before your next expected shipment.

Since we use your dog’s individual details to calculate the best food type and portioning for him, any changes made to the pet profile may result in a price change (i.e. changing calorie intake, selecting different/grain-free recipes, etc). We will always be sure to alert you of any price changes associated with changes in your pet’s food and ask for your confirmation.

My Deliveries
We are currently delivering nationwide. If you enter your zip code and it looks like we are not in your area yet, leave us your email so we can let you know when we get there!

Remember, shipping date is not the same as your delivery date. The shipping date you choose will be the date your box ships out—we recommend you leave some wiggle room when selecting your date to not risk running out of your previous food. After the first delivery, your boxes will be automatically placed on a recurring delivery schedule, so we will know when you will be ready for us to ship out your next box.

This depends on your shipping location. East Coast deliveries usually run about 1-3 business days in transit, Central US deliveries average about 3-5 business days, and West Coast deliveries run about 4-6 business days. (Remember - shipping is always FREE, regardless of your location!)

You may change your delivery date during any month so long as it’s 4 days prior to your next outgoing shipment. If you find you are running low on food please contact us immediately at hello@craftedkibble.com so we can expedite your next delivery!

My Food

Food safety is a priority of ours, which is why all of our ingredients are manufactured in the USA. This follows most veterinarian recommendations and allows us to assure higher control over food safety. Additionally, our food is in full compliance with AAFCO regulations.

To reduce the risk of an upset stomach, it is recommended to gradually introduce your pet’s new food by mixing a small amount of your Crafted Kibble with a larger amount of your pet’s prior dog food. Each day you can adjust the ratio by slowly increasing the proportion of Crafted Kibble food while decreasing the proportion of the previous food over the next 7 days—until you end up with primarily your Crafted Kibble food. Please contact us for any questions on this, we’d be glad to walk you through it!

Introducing a new food can sometimes be challenging and take some adjustment (we weren’t all born loving sushi). It is recommended to gradually introduce the new food by mixing it with the previous food for the smoothest transition. After allowing some time for adjustment, please contact us if you’re still having an issue feeding so we can help you find what works best for your dog. You are always in control of your food and can modify your dog’s profile, and specific diet needs at any time by simply logging onto your account.

We believe in ingredient transparency and will be sure to provide you with a full list of ingredients with each of your deliveries. We commit to using only high quality ingredients to ensure your pet receives the perfect combination of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals that he needs.

58% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese—which places them at risk for life-threatening diseases. Although we all love to please our pups especially when they ask for food, we figure that there is no better gift than supporting & maintaining their health at optimal levels.