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The art of feeding your dog.

One size does NOT actually fit all—so we are here to break the generic, cookie-cutter approach to feeding our dogs. Crafted Kibble offers a fully customized, subscription-based dog food delivery service that gives your pet flavorful, nutrient-filled, and pre-portioned meals, crafted to your dog's unique dietary profile.
Just like humans, all dogs have their own individual nutritional needs and palate preferences that need to be considered in order for them to thrive in their health and wellbeing. At Crafted Kibble, we developed a proprietary algorithm that helps determine exactly which type of food your pet actually needs. This algorithm analyzes important individual factors like breed, gender, age, weight, activity level, medical conditions and others to ensure that your pet receives the appropriate proportions of the necessary proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. This recipe is then crafted for your pet and shipped out. So you can sit back, relax, and trust that your box of our palatable kibble is tailored to your pet’s unique dietary needs.

Statistics show that obesity is a predominant issue of dogs in the U.S. Weight issues can lead to more serious health problems over time. We know you love to spoil that puppy face so we’ll help you spoil them with the best gift you could give—wellness and healthy growth! It only makes sense that caloric intake needs will vary for each dog—and there is more to that than considering only weight & life stage.  For your convenience, all our food is delivered in pouches pre-portioned with your pup’s correct serving sizes for each meal! Out with the measuring cups—these sealed meal pouches are perfectly suited for traveling, dog-sitters, or simply one’s on-the-go- lifestyle!

Please note that our kibble is nutrient-dense—meaning your dog receives the essential nutrients from smaller portions of food than what you may be used to seeing.

Fresh dog food contains a higher nutritional profile. Exposure to sunlight, high temperatures and humidity during production can compromise the nutrient level—which is why we believe in producing small batches using only high-quality ingredients, all sourced from the U.S. With almost no “sit-time” in our facilities your dog food is quickly portioned, packed, and delivered to your door, ensuring you receive a fresh batch every time.


Picking out the right dog food can be frustrating and confusing. In the era of busy lifestyles, Crafted Kibble eliminates the guesswork, and needless back and forth travel to the pet store, by delivering a well-balanced meal plan for your pet right to your doorstep—so you can spend that extra time hanging out with your furry one! Additionally, our pre-portioned meal pouches, leaving you stress free about finding that old measuring cup.
It’s important to know what is in your pet’s food. At Crafted Kibble, we believe in our food and are always transparent about our all-natural, high-quality ingredients, all manufactured in the U.S. Before being packed, each batch of kibble passes through multiple quality control inspections, meeting BRC Global Standards for Food Safety. Under these strict guidelines we are able to guarantee a quality product that is safe for your pet and created in a clean environment.
While our dog food formulas aim to maintain general health and wellbeing, some dogs require a little extra help. We offer "special needs" formulas to help improve common health problems such as excessive shedding, weakened joint function, and digestive issues. By following our recommended feeding guidelines with the appropriate nutrient-rich food we select for your dog, you may notice improvements in skin, joints and digestion along with their overall wellbeing.
We believe in our product and we know you will too.